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Legal Services

Reviewing and providing counsel on the preparation of materials for regularly scheduled quarterly meetings of the Board of Trustees, including: preparing and/or reviewing meeting agendas, resolutions, and Board memoranda; coordinating comments for meeting minutes; and reviewing reports from the various service providers to the Trust.

Attending meetings for the Board and the regularly scheduled meetings of the Audit and other standing committees.


Advising the independent trustees in connection with Board meeting issues.


Assisting the Board with the annual 15(c) meeting, including providing the Board with a memorandum of its responsibilities.


Advising the Board regarding the annual renewal of each series 12(b)-1 plan(s) and related agreements.


Assisting in determining the continuing “independence” of each Trustee and assisting with the overall Board governance.


Prepare and providing counsel with respect to the update filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) of the annual update amendment to the registration statement of the Trust on Form N-1A, including assisting in the coordination receipt and responses to comments from any Service Providers and regulatory agencies.  This service would also include preparing the Rule 485(b) certification letter and preparing, reviewing, and assisting in the filing of the 497 prospectuses following the filing of the annual update.

Reviewing other routine SEC filings of the Trust, including filings on Form N-CSR, Form N-Q , Form N-PX and Form 24f-2.

l services are provided by outside legal counsel approved by each fund's board of trustees.